Home Inspectors & Structural Engineers

Here at Charlottesville Fine Homes and Properties, we think home inspections are imperative.

Home inspections cover the inside and outside functions of the housing envelope. The report includes the condition, functionality and age of the systems in the interior and on the exterior of the home. These include, but are not limited to; Heating and Air conditioning (HVAC), Utilities including the Electrical system, Plumbing, Septic and Water Supplies, Flooring, Roofing, Windows and doors, and other environmental and safety concerns are addressed as well as. We feel it is the best money spent when determining if this is the right house for your needs.

We do have a list of Home Inspectors and Structural Engineers that come highly recommended.

All of these Inspectors are ASHI certified and provide prompt, and professional service with detailed reporting, at a technical level. Courteous, informative, knowledgeable and timely inspectors make the difference, and all companies abide to a strict code of ethics to avoid a conflict of interest. Note, I would call for estimates first.

When a home inspector finishes and emails their written report, usually within 24 hours of the inspection, we ask the client to review the emailed report, and as a team we provide a written, and signed addendum which we give to the sellers agent, and they in turn address each individual issue. We ask for remedies, or we ask for a deduction on the price, or credits towards the work needed on the home. Often, we recommend a home warranty as well. Ask us about our list of structural engineers and ASHI certified home inspectors.

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