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We are strong advocates for the use of local lenders and mortgage companies. The reason is the appraisals are done in town, in a timely fashion, with appraisers who are familiar with our market. Many of my clients go online, only to find out they could get the same rate locally, with less frustration at time of closing. We suggest you call at least two, and hopefully three to get quotes. Locally our mortgage brokers are providing closing points and interest rates which are still very good, and there are many incentives to filling out their online applications, or you can send in the application by fax. It remains confidential with the broker. Often a loan will be preapproved at a rate and payment our buyer(s) can afford. Once you have decided on the lender that supports your needs with the best rates and buy down packages, for your project, we proceed with underwriting, making sure underwriting is on top of your loan application, your time frame, and your appraisal. The appraisal is ordered by the lender.

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