Charlottesville Real Estate is a  Strategic Move

Homes Sold in Albemarle, Greene, Nelson and Fluvanna Counties

 In Spring Market..Local  Real Estate Looking Good

Charlottesville Area Sales  Are Up

Stepping into Home Ownership in Central Virginia

It makes sense to purchase this year .   Creating your future from the ground up is brilliant. This Charlottesville brokerage is busy this spring.. Whether you are looking for new construction or  a renovation of a gem in the rough, now is a good time to purchase real estate in the Charlottesville area.. Design to own a green, energy efficient home.   Charlottesville Fine Homes and Properties believes fine homes are green homes. Not all homes need upgrades, several are in excellent move in condition, ready for your preview, even energy efficient. For a free online  search contact Ms. Greenfield 434 987 2074, or 434 293 3262 for more assistance.


Charlottesville Homes For You

Fine Homes are Green Homes

” I believe fine homes are green homes.” says   Sara Greenfield.  There are some typical inspection issues we are seeing this spring with some re-sales in this market.  Upgrades evolved from inspections, both structural and cosmetic. Not all homes are healthy or energy efficient. However, this spring there are some great  project renovation loans at no to low interest costs. “Lenders in our area work hard for our  clients, saving them time and money now and in the future. Homes we sold in 2011, and thus far in 2012  are very well priced for market conditions. Great prices,  locations, and purchasing at the right time made all the difference for both  sellers and buyers. Investors are coming back online and into the market. Many agree the timing is right now. “Sellers see relief for this spring and summer market, and are coming back to the market, letting renters know its time to sell…..Renters are looking at their possibilities now that they are better qualified for home loans.  It makes good dollars and sense  to move into home ownership…”